What We Do

PresenceWorks is dedicated to using technology to help people connect across distances. The feeling of being present in a virtual or remote environment is as much an art as it is a science.

A unique combination of skills are required to fool the human perceptual system, and this is where PresenceWorks excels.

We apply these skills to two areas:

Telepresence is our foundation.
Bring people together in a telepresence environment is incredibly demanding. Telepresence is not just seeing someone on a large screen, it’s feeling their presence. It’s creating that unmistakable sense of being together. Intimate human communication is a rich and high-bandwidth activity. Eye contact, micro-expressions, body-language, voice, and spatial relationships must all be reliably combined and transmitted over imperfect networks with minimal latency. Telepresence is an area where countless technical challenges and human factors combine.

We have been designing immersive telepresence systems for a decade and half, and its been through tackling these tough challenges in telepresence that we have honed our skills.

Virtual Reality is our future.
In 2013 PresenceWorks entered unchartered territory by being one of the first consulting practices to fully embrace consumer Virtual Reality.

Accessible and affordable Virtual Reality is something we strongly believe in. PresenceWorks is heavily involved in building community around the emerging space of consumer VR. Our founder, Karl Krantz, is the organizer of the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality meetup, which brings together some of the brightest minds tackling some of the most difficult problems of our generation. This gives us unique insights and awareness of virtually every interesting project and product in this fast moving space.

Let PresenceWorks help you find the opportunities in this emerging space.

Experience Matters

PresenceWorks' founder Karl Krantz has been designing immersive telepresence and 3D virtual workspace solutions since 1998.

Karl is now focused on consumer Virtual Reality.

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Virtual Reality and Virtual Worlds

PresenceWorks is a supporter of the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Meetup. PresenceWorks is committed to building a community among professionals and enthusiasts in the emerging space of consumer virtual reality.

Cutting-Edge does not have to Equal Bleeding-Edge

As technologists, we are always evaluating the latest emerging technologies. Our real-world experience designing, deploying, and supporting cutting-edge technologies gives us an understanding that user behavior can be as great a challenge in technology adoption as technological innovation. We have a deep understanding of human computer interaction and have developed an intuitive sense for identifying solutions that work for real people in the real world.